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HABEMUS VINUM is a premier Wine Club in Cincinnati Ohio (USA).

We are thrilled to present Premium Red (IGT) SUPER-TUSCAN Wines and (IGP) ExtraVirgin Olive Oil from a boutique/artisanal winery, TENUTA MONTEROSOLA

The winery is situated in the privileged landscape of Volterra, Tuscany (Italy), where soft Tuscan sights meet dramatic sceneries. This is where the unique soil and healthy microclimate provides an ideal basis for their terroir. Tenuta Monterosola embraces and practices the philosophy that a great wine is made in the vineyard. Beyond that, their methods are entirely traditional, representative of the passion put into their production. Tenuta Monte Rosola competes with other notable Super-Tuscans from larger estates, yet they have kept their winemaking a small, family affair. Next to many 'Tignanello' and 'Brunello di Montalcino', resides the overshadowed Super-Tuscans ‘CORPO NOTTE’ and ‘CRESCENDO' of Tenuta Monterosola.  Absent are the marketing prowess and glitz, yet this bottling already enjoys the reputation as one of the highly regarded NEW wines of Tuscany! Their Chief Oenologist Alberto Antonini, former head wine maker of Antinori, describes these wines as a bespoke suit, a secret known only to few. Simply knowing about them confers a cachet. Drinking them..... a unique experience !

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Wishing you all that is great.... in wine and life !
Giampiero Grandi, President & Founder of Habemus Vinum